Honavar Foundation joins the Right to Nest Campaign

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with O.C.E.A.N (Organization for Coastal Ecology and Nature Conservation) for the launch of the Right to Nest (RTN) Campaign. This campaign is a vital initiative aimed at advocating for the safe passage of female sea turtles during the nesting season on the east and west coasts and island … Read more

The ocean Connection Poster

Announcing The Ocean Connection Documentary Movie

On the account of World Wildlife Conversation Day today, we are proud to announce “The Ocean Connection” documentary movie in association with FobDocs. This is a captivating documentary that highlights the struggles of fisherfolk and tireless efforts to protect Olive Ridley Sea Turtles in Honavar, Karnataka. Coming Soon:Offline screenings at select locations across Karnataka & … Read more

Embracing Climate Action: Insights from the Inaugural Program of Bengaluru Climate Action & Resilience Plan

We are excited to share our enriching experience at the inaugural program of the Bengaluru Climate Action & Resilience Plan, held on November 27, 2023. The event served as a platform for stakeholders, policymakers, and community members to come together and chart a course towards a more sustainable and resilient Bengaluru. One of the most … Read more

Cleaning up a small bus stand

In a bid to foster community engagement and environmental stewardship, our organization recently spearheaded a cleanup drive at the Hiremakki Bus Stand, located in close proximity to our registered address in Honavar. The initiative, tied to takle the litter and debris plaguing the area. The Hiremakki Bus Stand serves the local and provides schedule from … Read more

International Coastal Cleanup Day 2023

Honavar Foundation collaborated with several local organisations and NCCR Government of India for International Coastal Cleanup day on 16th September 2023. Cleaning activities were carried out at Tonka Beach of Honavar. The program details was as follows: A picture speaks a thousand words and here are a pictures from the event:

Honnavar Port Impact Study

Gauging the impacts of Port and ancillary construction on the ecology and the fishing community in the Sharavathi River Estuary

In the dynamic landscape of progress, the choices we make have far-reaching consequences. The pursuit of development and growth often leads us to ponder the balance between economic advancement and environmental conservation. A study titled “Gauging the impacts of Port and ancillary construction on the ecology and the fishing community in the Sharavathi River Estuary” … Read more

World Ocean Day 2023

As the globe celebrates World Ocean Day 2023, the theme “Planet Ocean: Tides Are Changing” resonates profoundly, symbolizing the intricate relationship between the Earth’s moon and its oceans. While this theme can be interpreted almost to the letter, the dynamic interplay of solar climatic variations significantly impacts oceanic weather patterns, making predictions precise to the … Read more

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